The Building Blocks of Business and Personal Success

Posted on: 02 Aug 2010
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The Building Blocks of Business and Personal Success

Posted on: 02 Aug 2010

E is for Entrepreneur

I recently had the privilege of being accepted as a Mentee into the first Entrepreneurship Mentor Initiative here in Japan.  The program is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), Tokyo American Center, Ernst & Young Japan, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), and the Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC).  An excerpt from the announcement and application form reads:

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are widely hailed as the most potent cures for our ailing global economy. Japan desperately requires large doses of both. While talk about the need for greater entrepreneurial drive is plentiful here, the individuals with the courage to face the risks involved receive little concrete support or encouragement. [snip]

The Entrepreneurship Mentor Initiative (EMI) program is designed to [snip] provide local entrepreneurs with mentoring and networking opportunities, as well as to showcase the activities of successful role models in Japan.”

The program is just kicking off now so I don’t really have anything to report, but upon encouragement from a good friend I am posting a short essay that I wrote as part of the application process.  It is my answer to the question:

If entrepreneurship were a recipe, what would the ingredients be?

1 tsp Open eyes and ears
1/2 tsp Creativity
3 Tbsp Service mentality
6 cups Dedication

First take the open eyes and ears and discard any undesirable prejudices.  Carefully look at the world to see where there are inadequacies, inequalities and waste, and there you will find opportunities to start sustainable businesses that create jobs, fulfill customer needs and better our society.

Next sprinkle with creativity and toss lightly to coat.  If a problem has existed for a while, there is a fair chance that people have attempted to solve it before.  The ability to think creatively and go outside of the box is helpful in finding solutions where none have existed previously.  A childlike knack for asking, “why not?” or “what if?” and the restraint from quickly ruling out different ideas can be the key to success.

Add service mentality and mix well.  Successful businesses are invariably good at serving their customers well.  I believe that the top of a company sets the mood for the organization as a whole.  When business leaders treat their employees fairly, listen to their needs and desires, and give them opportunities to grow, then you promote employee engagement which in turn fosters excellent end customer service and promotes repeat business.

Continuously fold in dedication until smooth.  If lumps form, add more dedication and mix vigorously.  Very few businesses started off easily.  There are many reasons why 90% of businesses fail within the first five years, but I feel that one of the biggest reasons is inadequate amounts of dedication.

Dedication provides the strength to overcome any unforeseen obstacles that pop up and block our way.

Dedication gives the energy to continue on days when we feel our passion for our business waning.

Dedication upholds our faith in our goal to provide a valuable service even if detractors try to tell us otherwise.

SuccessHowever, dedication on its own can be bland and tasteless.  But when combined with the service mentality added earlier, it becomes dedication to people: customers, employees and stakeholders.  The ultimate purpose of any business should be to serve people and society with meaningful products and services.

This is the winning recipe that allows an entrepreneur to continue chasing his or her vision and results in a successful business.

Can you think of any other ingredients to make this recipe even better?  Please let me know by posting a comment!
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