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I’m passionate about a lot of things, but the chart above probably sums up the four key parts of my professional life.

Public Relations and Marketing

I find this area fascinating.  I was going to major in marketing at university and totally loved my marketing classes.  But an aversion to accounting (despite actually liking math) and a friend convinced me that Communications was the major for me. I specialized in Management and International Communications, and a lot of people around me thought that I was still within the College of Business even though the Communications program was considered a part of Arts & Sciences.

Still, through college and my early professional years, I worked in Public Relations, Marketing and Promotions for 7 years and really enjoyed it.  That was back before the Internet took off and changed the world, so it didn’t have anything to do with online or social media. I did things like event coordination, print publications, some TV ads, and media relations.  Basically just being an Advocate for things I really liked and cared about.

Computer and Tech Geek

I’d go nuts without a computer and other geek toys.

My dad bought our first computer — an Apple II+ with 48K of memory, a 5.25″ floppy drive and no lowercase ability — when I was in elementary school and I pretty much immediately started trying to program video games with the aspiration of rivaling Galaxian, Pac-Man and other arcade hits of the time.

Although the BASIC programming language was pretty lousy for doing games, it was a start and I even wanted to become a computer programmer… until I finished junior high.  It dawned on me that I might end up working long hours alone in a little cubicle… so I changed my mind at that point because I wanted to do something more social.

While not a programmer today, I’ve been building my own computers and am the household “IT Helpdesk” on call 24/7.  I’ve been online from 1986 (before the Internet really came around) and built my first web site in 1994.  Today I do web development for fun and professionally.

The latest electronic gadgets are always fascinating, and I love video making and photography.

Creative and Designer Guy

I’m not a totally wild designer because my analytical/logical side is probably a bit too strong, but I like to let my creative streak play and run free every now and then.

These days a lot of that is useful when creating Flash based e-learning content that is not quite your run-of-the-mill automated PowerPoint presentation.  They are more like mini interactive movies designed to teach and/or get a message across to the audience while being entertaining at the same time.

It all comes down to creativity and design for better communication.  How can we grab the viewer’s attention?  What is the best way to get this message across so they remember it?


Okay.  I’ve always had my fingers in one sort of business or another.  From selling recycled golf balls when I was 10, to importing cameras from the former Soviet Union into Japan, to building and running an e-commerce web site that provided on demand custom printed goods…  I always like the challenges and the learning that comes from trying new things.

I’m always pretty excited about what the future might hold, and usually have ideas for things I want to do next.

Bringing it all together

I think people are at their best when they can bring all of their interests together and focus them to achieve a goal.

For me, that goal is helping people and helping businesses to better communicate and connect with those around them.

PR and Marketing experience helps me to target messages and tailor them for impact and results.

Being a Computer Geek allows me to understand and utilize current technology to achieve these goals.

The Creative and Designer streak enables me to present these things in a way that is interesting and visually appealing.

And the Entrepreneurial spirit helps me to find new opportunities and new outlets for my passion.

Some personal details

Kevin was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He moved to Japan in 1997 and now runs a business that provides web, e-learning and video production services in both English and Japanese.

Website: Outpact.com

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