A is for Alignment – Marketing and IT

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It’s like…    Oil and Water    Night and Day    Politics and Religion    Marketing and IT Is it possible to align your Marketing and IT departments? Or for that matter, any groups within your organization that just don’t mix? Is it possible to get them working together smoothly for the betterment of the company? Love to hate […]

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Everyone who studied marketing knows about the classic AIDMA model of consumer behavior: Attention  Interest Desire Memory Action But in June 2005 the Japanese advertising giant, Dentsu, developed a new model to more accurately describe consumer behavior in today’s highly connected world: Attention  Interest Search Action Share Any company or organization that doesn’t come to […]

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A is for Advocates (internal)

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Advocates are your supporters.  Your defenders.  Your champions. For organizations, they can be found both internally and externally. Today I want to share some thoughts on internal Advocates. Another name for internal Advocates are your Engaged employees.  These are the people who are fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work.  They probably have a […]

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