W is for Workforce Efficiency and Motivation

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A good friend has been troubled by a situation at work. There are around a dozen people on the team which exists within a very large global corporation. They all work very hard and put in long hours. It is a specialized team and effective members need to be both skilled and experienced. One person […]

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C is for Customer Experience

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What do Apple and Trader Joe’s have in common? Quite a bit, surprisingly. I just read a Fortune article about the food retailer Trader Joe’s. I’m familiar with the brand, although I’ve only visited a Trader Joe’s store once — primarily because they don’t have operations in my home state of Hawaii, nor are they […]

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C is for Customer Loyalty

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In this down economy, repeat customers and word of mouth can be key to your survival. What makes customers loyal to brands? In 2008 Forrester Research published a report called, “Balancing The Funnel: Which Consumers Are Loyal?” In it, there is a chart that correlates certain variables with customer loyalty across several industries. In a […]

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Everyone who studied marketing knows about the classic AIDMA model of consumer behavior: Attention  Interest Desire Memory Action But in June 2005 the Japanese advertising giant, Dentsu, developed a new model to more accurately describe consumer behavior in today’s highly connected world: Attention  Interest Search Action Share Any company or organization that doesn’t come to […]

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C is for Customer Service

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I’m sure we’ve all had good customer service experiences and bad customer service experiences. A good one I’ve had: I’ll admit it. I have a Playstation 3 because I wanted to play the music and rhythm game Rock Band 2 — even though I’m terrible at it and really don’t have much rhythm to speak […]

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